Support Message

Rei / played by Minami Shota

This is Rei. You are doing things based on “like” or “dislike”? Surely you are alright because it’s you!
And I hope you are always wearing your “smile”. Please send your “smile” to your families, friends and teachers. This is the “Ultra Power” which only you can give. Now do me a favour-while we ZAP members are not able to reach the Earth, please shower the planet with your “smile”. I believe you can do that.
Let’s meet up again with our “smiles”.

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle Rei / played by Minami Shota
Ran /played by Koyanagi Yu

The only thing we can do now is to support each other and to live through today and tomorrow.
Let’s carry on so that we can see the smiling face again! Let’s not lose the smiles!
It’s our light of hope!

ULTRAMAN ZERO :The Revenge of Belial Ran /played by Koyanagi Yu
Voice of ZERO / played by Mamoru Miyano

Hello guys! I’m Ultraman Zero.
Never give up although current circumstances must be painful enough for you. You are also a companion of Ultimate Force Zero. You must also save your family and your friends who are crying. You can do it, because you have the same light as the Ultra-Brothers’ in you.
Yeah!! This is our light of hope!

ULTRAMAN ZERO :The Revenge of Belial Voice of ZERO / played by Mamoru Miyano
Princess Emerana / played by Tsuchiya Tao

This is Emerana. I was once saved by friends and from this experience I want you to give this message to whoever needs your help: “let’s be friends!”, or “You have friends here!”
Your smile, words of courage and handshake will be stronger than the ores of Emerald, and the dazzling light more powerful than the shield of Barrage will shine through. Though I live far away from you I will fight together with the hope that we will bring together our smiles.

ULTRAMAN ZERO :The Revenge of Belial Princess Emerana / played by Tsuchiya Tao
Director / Toshihiro Iijima

“Get hope! The power of recovery is produced by hope”.
That is a message from me, who returned from the war and who recovered from cancer.

Director / Toshihiro Iijima
Director / Kazuho Mitsuda

I had lived in Sendai, Miyagi, before graduating high school. This disaster is really breaking my heart. If you are losing your grip, please shout out loud “SHUWATCH” and raise your right hand high towards the sky. Yes, you can become Ultraman.
Then, as a director, I’m going to give you a sign.
Are you ready? ACTION!

Director / Kazuho Mitsuda
Hikaru Raido / Takuya Nemoto

Hiya everyone!
I’m Hikaru Raido!
Now is the time to unite…!
Move forward helping each other out.
I was always, helped by the voices of, friends, family, Ultra Heroes, and of course, you!
So don’t lose!
Always remember that, “we are all connected under the same sky!”
I can’t wait to meet you all again!

Ultraman Ginga Hikaru Raido / Takuya Nemoto
Sho / Kiyotaka Uji

There is always a bright future ahead.
And there is always a lot of Ultra Heroes pushing your back.
Now is the time to shine the brightest, becoming the power the of light that shines amongst all!
Believe in tomorrow, believe in yourself, strongly move forward one step at a time.

Ultraman Ginga S Sho / Kiyotaka Uji
Daichi Ozora / Kensuke Takahashi

Everyone! In the future, there may be tough and sad times.
But please remember this. That you are not alone.

Of course me and X, but other Ultraman, and the friends around are all connected!
We are united! I’ll do my best to be able to meet you all again!
So until next time, don’t forget to keep smiling!

Ultraman X Daichi Ozora / Kensuke Takahashi
Gai Kurenai / Hideo Ishiguro

Not everyone can be by your side like Ultraman, but I can be aside people’s heart like Ultraman.
To give dreams to all children.

Ultraman Orb Gai Kurenai / Hideo Ishiguro