Support Message

Jugglus Juggler / Takaya Aoyanagi

Reach your hands outside darkness!
There will always be a warm welcome after tough times.
I will also not lose! Never!

Ultraman Orb Jugglus Juggler / Takaya Aoyanagi
Riku Asakura / Tatsuomi Hamada

To all those affected by the disaster.
I think that it must be scary and hard.
But it is okay.
“We are all Ultraman.”
Believe in hope and help each other out!

Ultraman Geed Riku Asakura / Tatsuomi Hamada
Leito Igaguri / Yudai Ozawa

To all those affected by the disaster.
We would like to express our deepest sympathies to those affected.
In times of difficulty, do not forget to smile, and with hope, take each other’s hands and let’s get through it!!!

Ultraman Geed Leito Igaguri / Yudai Ozawa
Katsumi Minato / Yuya Hirata

You are all, not alone!
Siblings, family, friends. There will always give you a hand. The Minato family has gone over the great walls of difficulties countless times. Look over what is in front of you, and slowly try your best. I am cheering for you from Ayaka City!

Ultraman R/B Katsumi Minato / Yuya Hirata
Isami Minato / Ryosuke Koike

I sometimes think that life is tough.

Because you must keep moving forward, even if hard things happen.

But people are never alone.
There are always friends that help you out!

With the help from friends, believe in yourself, and it is okay if it’s slow, just keep moving forward!

Ultraman R/B Isami Minato / Ryosuke Koike